Pet Surgery for Dogs and Cats in North Branford, CT

Is surgery safe for dogs and cats? Will they be uncomfortable afterwards? What’s the best way to help them heal during their recovery? Our veterinary team in North Branford would be more than happy to answer these and any other questions you have regarding your pet's surgery. We understand that this time can be mildly stressful, especially if you are new to caring for a pet that needs to have surgery. We can assure you that your pet’s procedure will be performed with the highest level of care, with safety and comfort being our main priorities. We do all cat and dog surgeries in house, using the latest and most trusted surgical and monitoring equipment, including x-rays.

Has your dog or cat been recommended for a surgical procedure? Call or text (203) 562-9896 to schedule their appointment today. 

Pet surgery for dogs and cats in North Haven, CT

How We Put Your Pet’s Safety First

Cat and dog surgery is performed with many of the same precautions that guide human surgery. This includes the recommendation of a pre-surgical exam and blood work to verify the patient’s health, extensive monitoring equipment, a technician standing by to monitor your pet, and tailored pain management protocols.

During surgery, your pet will be kept warm with our heated table and soft blankets; this lowers the risk of hypothermia. We will also watch over your pet as they awaken from anesthesia, and we’ll keep in touch with you to let you know how they’re recovering. When your pet is discharged, our team will give you a handout of instructions to help you manage your pet’s care and healing at home. We highly encourage you to keep our number handy if you ever have any concerns or questions.

Types of Surgeries We Perform

Dr. Mendillo and her staff are able to provide a variety of general, soft-tissue procedures, including:

If your companion has a condition that is more complex and involves the bones and joints, we can refer you and your pet to a trusted board-certified orthopedic surgeon. Know that even if your pet sees another surgeon for their procedure, your veterinarian will be fully informed about your pet’s treatment and ready to provide follow-up care in the days that follow.

Cat wearing blue protective buster collar looking