Cat and Dog Euthanasia Services in North Branford, CT

In addition to giving your pet a lifetime of compassionate, individualized care, it’s also very important to us to give them a peaceful passing when the time comes. As animal lovers and pet parents ourselves, we know there’s nothing quite like the pain of having to say good bye to a cherished companion, whether they’ve been in your life for 13 years or 3 months. At Montowese Veterinary Clinic in North Branford, we are able to perform humane cat and dog euthanasia procedures in-hospital.

If your pet’s quality of life seems to have diminished and they no longer seem like themselves, let us know so we can discuss their care options.

Dog and cat euthanasia in North Haven, CT

Signs Your Pet’s Quality of Life has Diminished

Pets suffering from chronic pain and/or illness can sometimes improve their quality of life with medication and other therapies prescribed by their veterinarian. However, some conditions cannot be improved, and in these situations, it’s important to think about what is truly best for your pet.

If your dog or cat is showing these signs despite receiving treatment to improve their prognosis, please contact us so we can help:

  • No longer eating or drinking, no interest in treats
  • Struggling or unable to stand
  • Has difficulty walking and can’t go up or down the stairs
  • No interest in favorite toys and play
  • Losing control of bladder and bowels
  • Sleeping most of the day

Is Euthanasia Painful for Pets?

When we perform euthanasia procedures, we always make sure your pet is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

First, we give you and your pet the time and privacy you need to say good bye. When you’re ready, we’ll first give your pet a sedative injection that will put them into a deep sleep. Only after your pet is fully asleep will we administer the euthanasia injection, which works quickly and painlessly.

Our goal is to make the entire euthanasia procedure a peaceful and painless one. Every pet deserves to have a dignified passing surrounded by their loved ones. If you have any questions or need some help making a difficult decision, we’re here for you. Just give us a call or text us at (203) 562-9896.