Cryosurgery for Dogs and Cats in North Branford, CT

Cryosurgery (or cryotherapy) is a minimally-invasive procedure we can provide to treat issues of the skin, including skin tags, warts, and lesions, tumors, diseased tissue, and more. It involves applying extreme cold to the affected area and destroying the diseased or damaged tissue. There is no cutting involved, so your pet will not have a healing process to wait through and any discomfort will be minimal, since the intense cold numbs the surrounding nerves. We’re happy to offer cryosurgery for dogs and cats in North Branford, CT because it gives our patients a less invasive, less painful solution for their condition.

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Cryosurgery for dogs and cats in North Haven, CT

How It Works

While freezing temperatures are applied to an affected area on your pet’s skin, it will not do your pet any harm. Cryosurgery utilizes super-cooled liquid nitrogen which is sprayed on the affected tissue through a tool called a “cryoprobe.” There are other ways to perform this procedure safely and effectively, with minimal or no complications after.

Cryosurgery/cryotherapy treatment may need to be performed only once, or may require several sessions for the best results.

Is Treatment Painful?

In most cases, cryosurgery is performed with the patient placed under local or general anesthesia, as the freezing sensation on the skin can be uncomfortable. However, if additional treatments are required for the same area, anesthesia may no longer be needed.

Other Advantages of Cryosurgery for Dogs and Cats

Along with destroying bad tissue without having to cut, cryosurgery’s intense cold is also able to kill bacteria around the site, which is highly beneficial when treating infected areas. Plus, cryosurgery can have a temporary anesthetic effect, since it numbs the nerve endings.

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