Diagnostics: Cat and Dog Ultrasound, X-Ray, and Laboratory Testing in North Branford, CT

Diagnostic work-ups are an essential part of every animal health evaluation. Since physical examinations are limited in the information they can convey, it’s necessary for us to also consider lab tests, radiography, and possibly even ultrasound to find out more. Our clinic in North Branford, CT can offer a variety of in-house tests for dogs and cats, but if needed, we can also send samples to an external laboratory for comprehensive review. If we find that your pet also needs a digital X-ray or ultrasound procedure, we can send you both over to Central Hospital, which is just a few minutes away.

Does your pet need routine testing or have a chronic health issue?

Cat and dog ultrasound and x-ray in North Haven, CT

The Benefit of In-House Lab Testing

Pets with urgent medical needs benefit the most from our in-house laboratory, because with it we can obtain test results much more quickly. The testing we offer usually targets specific functions and organs, and can help our veterinary team pinpoint the underlying cause of an illness. Furthermore, faster results means being able to treat your pet much sooner, and this is invaluable when timing is so important.

Digital X-ray for Dogs and Cats

Central Hospital offers advanced digital X-ray technology that captures images of the bones and joints with significantly higher clarity. If we have any concerns about your pet’s bones, joints, heart, or lungs, we can refer you to Central for an X-ray procedure. These procedures can often be done much more quickly than film X-ray procedures, and they also use less radiation. Once your pet’s X-rays are complete, Central will send the digital image files to our clinic and we can pick up where we left off with your pet’s treatment.

The Importance of Cat and Dog Ultrasound

Cat and dog ultrasound procedures aren’t all that different from human ultrasound procedures. As with X-ray, if your veterinarian sees reason to pursue an ultrasound for your pet, they will refer you over to Central. Ultrasound provides us with a real-time visual of your pet’s internal organs and blood vessels, and can even show us the shape, texture, and blood supply of the organs.

Veterinarians using ultrasound to  examine dog.